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Our Mission Statement

Pro Apps is dedicated to exceeding your expectations by providing you with big data and edge computing strategies that will shape your business’ success.

The Pro Apps Difference

Pro Apps is a custom software development company with the goal of helping businesses of all sizes achieve success. Our team uses their skills and experience to execute the perfect big data and edge computing solutions, no matter how simple or complicated the problem.

The Buzz on Big Data

Big data analytics is the leveraging of sophisticated analytic techniques against huge, diverse data sets that include different kinds of data in different sizes from different sources. Big data is characterized as being high velocity, high volume, or high variety. It comes from devices, networks, sensors, log files, social media, and websites—most of it produced in real-time and on a great scale.

With big data analysis, it is now possible for businesses to make quicker, better decisions using formerly remote or unusable data. Our team makes use of modern analytics techniques to help our clients obtain new insights, whether just from previously unused data alone or combined with their current data.

The Buzz on Edge Computing

Edge computing augments web applications and internet devices by drawing computing nearer to the data source. With edge computing, there will be less need for long-distance communications between the server and the clients. This lowers latency and bandwidth usage. Simply put, edge computing entails running fewer processes in the cloud and transferring these to local places (e.g., edge server, a user’s computer).

Our team can execute the right edge computing solutions for your business. They can address issues such as cost, security, monitoring, and latency.

Have a project in mind? The Pro Apps team is here to make it happen!

Get to Know Brock

Brock is an experienced IT professional with a strong background in enterprise-level software design, development, test, and customer support. He graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas in May 2001 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science. In addition, Brock is an alumnus of Texas Instruments Incorporated, where he worked as a software object engineer from May 2001 to April 2013. He also worked at Computer Associates Inc. as a principal support engineer.

Brock is Pro Apps’ app product engineer and co-owner. His areas of expertise include factory automation systems, factory planning systems, manufacturing execution systems, factory fault detection and control, factory run to run process control, DevOps enterprise release automation, web, and mobile applications.

Brock has an outstanding customer satisfaction record and takes customer satisfaction personally. His skills include the ability to assume ownership of systems and applications with minimal or no documentation and/or training. He is also skilled in supporting and facilitating continuous system improvements at a high level.

Get to Know Karissa

20 years of sales, marketing, and brand management experience with an emphasis on customer satisfaction and structural operations. Versed in Law with 6 years in criminal defense law, family law, civil litigation, and probate law. Director of Operations and Direct of sales/marketing for United Medical Equipment Business Solutions Network, Inc. Also, sitting board member and managing partner for Pro Apps Solutions.

Get to Know Jason

25 years as an structural developer who has successfully built and sold multiple corporations from the ground up. Current founder and sitting president of 3 corporations at the present time. All 3 corporations are active and successful.